For Women Who Are Tired of All That Bleeding and Cramping…Did You Know Dr. Rees Can Help?

Are you bothered by heavy periods?  If your periods last more than 7 days, if you have to change a pad or tampon every 1 or 2 hours on your heaviest days or pass blood clots, or if you have bleeding that has caused you to become anemic you may want to consider a minor surgical procedure called an Endometrial Ablation.  An Endometrial Ablation can markedly reduce menstrual blood flow and many women report little to no bleeding with their periods and less pain.

Endometrial ablation can be accomplished using several different techniques, all are designed to ablate (destroy) some or all of the regenerative ability of the endometrial cells that are shed each month with menstrual blood flow.   This type of procedure is done either in-office or as an outpatient procedure.  Some of the techniques which you may have read about include electrosurgery, cryoablation,  hydroablation using free-flowing hot fluid, a heated balloon technique,   microwave and radiofrequency.  Dr. Rees has experience in all of these methods and will help you choose the method that is best for you.

Prior to an ablation your doctor should rule out and correct medical conditions which could be causing the heavy bleeding.  An endometrial ablation is not a form a birth control and should only be performed on women who have a reliable form of birth control and no longer desire to have more children. This procedure is not recommended for postmenopausal women, women with uterine cancer or who have a high risk for developing uterine cancer, or who have an infection of the uterus. To reduce menstrual bleeding, doctors generally start by prescribing medications or an intrauterine device (IUD). Endometrial ablation might be an option if these other treatments don’t help or if you’re not able to have other therapies.



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